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How To Land A Job In 50 Days

If you’re frustrated by how difficult it is to get a job in today’s market, you’re not alone. Although unemployment is less than 5%, the process of landing those jobs is incredibly difficult and arduous.

If you’ve been in the job hunt market for a while, you’re probably used to the job funnel process. This is the process through which a company hires their new employees. The steps are:

· Application.

· Interview.

· Knowledge/skill test.

· Background check.

· Final round.

· Offer.

As you move down the funnel, there are fewer candidates you’re competing against, and your chances of getting the job increase. However, if there are a large amount of candidates, the job funnel can get backed up, and it can take longer than usual to go through the process. That means you may have to wait weeks rather than days for a call back to learn if you’re moving down the funnel or not.

It can be tempting to apply to a job you’re really excited about and wait to hear back. However, with the job funnel so overloaded in the most competitive fields, it’s important to apply to as many jobs as possible. Studies show that for HR and administrative assistance, it takes over 200 job applications to receive an offer. Of course it depends on your field and level of experience, but on average you can expect an 8.3% chance of getting an interview from one job application. It can take from anywhere up to 20 applications to land an interview. And that’s just an interview!

You’re probably sick of the job hunt, and I don’t blame you. That’s why I’m here to help you decipher how to land a job quickly, so you can finally stop mindlessly applying and start working! Career Companion can help you boost your job hunt by allowing you to keep track of all your assets, such as resumes and cover letters, as well as log any interview notes and calendar your interview.

In addition to using Career Companion to stay organized, here are three ways you can expedite your job search.

1. Network vigorously.

Did you know 85% of jobs are filled through networking? Your most successful job hunt will be one filled with meeting new people and the right connections for your career, rather than relying on job boards alone. And having a connection ups your chances of getting a job. In fact, networking overcomes directly applying to a job 3:1.

Networking isn’t about meeting as many people as possible, just how job hunting isn’t about applying to every single job. You need to be meeting the right people for you, and applying to jobs that you’re suited for. Try using social media sites such as LinkedIn to reach out to new people, or attend networking events to expand your network in person.

2. Follow up on all of your interviews.

The number one thing you want out of a job interview is to be remembered. If you don’t make an impression on your interviewer, especially if there is a huge amount of applicants, your chances are slim that you’ll move on through the job funnel. That’s why following up after your interviews is so important. Sending a thank you email or letter to your interviewer keeps you on their radar, and you definitely want to be on their minds when they’re considering who to put through to the next round.

3. Target your resume and cover letter to the job.

When applying to as many jobs as you find suitable to try to land that perfect job, it can be easy to use a generic cover letter and the same resume on all your applications. However, your cover letter and resume are what speak for you before you can speak for yourself in an interview. The cover letter is your way to impress a hiring manager in just a few sentences, so make sure you’re tailoring your content to the job you’re applying for.

The same goes for your resume. You want to highlight the skills that matter to that specific job. Some companies use applicant tracking systems to weed out resumes that don’t match, so you want to make sure your resume will get through!

I know that the job hunt can be overwhelming and frustrating, but hopefully these tips will help you expedite the process so you can spend less time combing your inbox for acceptance letters and start embarking on your career.

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