Career Growth Paradigm Shift

  1. Performance management process led by HR
  2. Individual Career Development Plan led by the manager

Individual Career Development Plan (old way)

  • Strengths and weaknesses ​
  • Short-term and long-term career goals/objectives
  • Development activities for those goals​

Career Playbook (new way)

  • Very detailed with all the information
  • A real-time document, which means it’s updated on an ongoing basis
  • Structured with actionable tools​
  • Identify your goals and a blueprint for meetings those goals
  • Design long-term plans to move your career in the direction you desire
  • Build short-term tactics to drive your career development forward
  • The starting point: Where you are now in your career
  • The destination: Where you want to go in your career
  • The gap: The obstacles you must overcome to reach the destination
  • The route: How to close the gap to reach your intended destination



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Growth Companion


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