45+ Time Management Techniques

8–8–8 Rule

​Four-time blocks

  1. Focus: 90–120 mins
  2. Social: 90–120 mins
  3. Admin Work: 30–60 mins
  4. Recovery: varies

50–10 Rule


1–3–5 Rule

7 Minute Life

90 Minute Focus Session

Do it now

10 Minutes


4D system

ABCDE You divide the tasks into the following categories:



Biological Prime Time

‍Dave Lee’s System

Eat that frog

Fresh or Fried

Iceberg Method

Inbox Zero

Ivy Lee




Rapid planning method‍

  • What do I really want? What’s the outcome I’m after? What’s the specific measurable result?
  • What’s my purpose? What are my reasons? Why is this not just a “should,” but a “must” for me?
  • What do I need to do? What’s my massive action plan?


  • Take it everywhere — be able to log things everywhere
  • Capture everything
  • Break everything into small and actionable tasks
  • Prioritize
  • Get your to-do list to zero every day
  • Review on a regular basis

Task/decision automation

The Action Method

  • Action items are the steps to get projects done
  • Backburner items are all the interesting ideas that don’t lead to progress on the project
  • Reference items are resources and information needed to complete a project‍

Not-to-do list

The Autofocus Method

The Checklist Manifesto

The Final Version

The Medium Method

  • A main notebook to capture ideas, tasks, quotes, notes, meetings etc.
  • A travel notebook — same as above, but for traveling
  • A Post-It note for every day to list all the appointments and 3 most important tasks for that day
  • A pen or pencil
  • A task management app
  • An online calendar app
  • A note‑taking app

The Now Habit / Unscheduling

The Productivity Journal

The Jar Glass

The Swiss Cheese Method / The Salami Method

The Seinfeld Method / Don’t break the chain

The Spotlight Method


Time Blocking

To-done list

Top Goal

Triage Technique

Who’s Got the Monkey

Zen to Done

  • Collect: Get ideas and tasks out of your head on a list
  • Process: Review your list daily
  • Plan: Pick a few high‑priority tasks for the week and the day
  • Do: Schedule time to accomplish your tasks




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Growth Companion

Career design and development platform to help you design your career blueprint, prepare for success, and drive your fulfillment.

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